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The Advantages of OrangeGas

Really clean
OrangeGas represents the cleanest fuel, good value, and always nearby. Our filling stations only sell clean fuels and energy: Green gas (a form of CNG), liquid CO2, green hydrogen, HVO100 and fast chargers. LBG and ED95 will be added soon.

Our fuels and energy are always produced sustainably and as locally as possible. OrangeGas operates its own biogas fermentation plants that produce green gas from wastewater treatment processes and residual products in the Netherlands. The energy supplied by our fast chargers comes from Dutch generating farms, and in the future will also come from our own solar parks.

Fuels supplied by OrangeGas are really clean and respect the circularity principle, helping us in the drive towards a Happy Planet.

We know that limiting the environmental damage caused by our vehicles is important, but the solutions also have to be practical. Fortunately, OrangeGas is always close by with a broad range of clean fuels and a nationwide network of green gas filling stations. We’re rapidly expanding this network of clean filling stations, so if you can’t find a clean fuel for sale nearby, check our filling station locations to see if one is planned close to you in the near future. Please share your ideas with us.

At the end of the day, we all like to spend as little as possible. Something OrangeGas understands perfectly! It doesn’t have to be expensive to fill your vehicle with clean fuel. For example, green gas is 40% cheaper, and buying a car with a green gas installation costs little extra, if anything at all. We’re also the cheapest place to buy green energy supplied by fast chargers, and if you want to use HVO100 renewable diesel, you can simply fill up your existing diesel truck as it’s fully compatible. (Long sentence)

Everyone can benefit
From a Volkswagen Up! to a large truck, clean vehicles are available in any size you require these days. New or used vehicles? Long or short distances? High or low mileage? National or international? All these questions are relevant when you’re thinking about your ideal clean fuel. We’ll gladly help you find what’s best for you if you simply drop us a message or get in contact directly. We’ll soon get you on your way with positive energy.


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