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ED95 is 95% bioethanol, and mainly used in trucks. It does require adjustments to the engine. ED95 is currently unavailable commercially in the Netherlands. OrangeGas intends to be the first company to sell it. 

Frequently asked questions

ED95 is 95% bioethanol that is used as fuel in trucks and buses. It does require adjustments to the engine. Bioethanol for passenger vehicles is also available. This is called E85.

OrangeGas doesn’t sell ED95 at the moment. However, there are plans to buy it in or produce it as locally as possible.

At the moment, bioethanol is often produced by the microbial fermentation of sugars using yeasts as a production organism.

ED95 is cleaner and cheaper than diesel. 

A truck modified to burn ED95 costs about €10,000 more than the diesel equivalent. This is a small extra investment that allows a vehicle to use a clean fuel. However, you can get a return on your investment at the fuel pumps, as ED95 is less expensive. In Sweden, the normal price at the filling station is €1.097 per litre. Clients are increasingly asking for clean transport, so you can also generate new business. 

Yes, recent studies in Sweden have shown that ED95 is no more flammable than petrol.

Filling up with ED95 is easy, and similar to filling up with diesel.

At the moment, there are no ED95 filling stations in the Netherlands. 

Switching buses and trucks from diesel to ED95 reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90%.

ED95 is particularly popular in the United States, Brazil and Sweden. 

At the moment, OrangeGas doesn’t sell ED95. When an ED95 filling station does open, this fuel will always be purchased as sustainably as possible and sold as cheaply as possible.

Scania is currently the only truck manufacturer whose vehicles can use ED95. 

According to Scania, fuel consumption is virtually identical to the diesel truck. The range depends on the tank capacity.