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Biogas (CNG)

Lots of cars are now available with factory-fitted biogas (CNG) installations, such as various Seat, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Fiat models. You can find a car with a CNG installation at your local dealer. 

Similar price

40% cheaper to fill up

Normal amount of time to fill up

National network of filling stations

Normal range

Wide range of vehicles, from practical compact cars such as the Volkswagen Eco Up! to executive coupes such as the Audi A5 G-tron. All available without any modification being required. You can also install a biogas system in an existing petrol car. Auto Speciaal Uden specialises in installing CNG tanks. If you’d rather have an inexpensive used car which runs on biogas, check out www.smartgreencars.nl


Various electric cars are available direct from the manufacturer, including some very high-end models. New electric cars cost between €30,000 and €110,000. This means they are more expensive than cars that run on fossil fuels. 

Subsidised retail price

Lower benefit-in-kind taxation rate (up to €45,000 of retail price)

Range suitable for commuters

Charge at home

There are very few used electric cars for sale at the moment. However, numbers will increase as lease contracts end. Electric cars often have a lease contract of around 5 years. You can check out www.smartgreencars.nl to see if a suitable electric car is available for you. 


At the moment, two cars with factory-fitted hydrogen installations are available in the Netherlands; the Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai Nexo. More models will come on the market in the near future. These include the H-tron announced by Audi, and the BMW F-Cell. 

Subsidised retail price

Normal fuel prices

Normal amount of time to fill up

Large range

Although hydrogen cars are fairly new to the market, used models are already available. Check www.smartgreencars.nl to see what’s on offer.

Delivery vans, trucks and public transport

Delivery vans, trucks and buses can also run on clean fuels. Various vehicles are available with factory-fitted alternative fuel installations, while some others can be converted. Please contact us about for more information, and we’ll gladly give you some advice.