Flytande biogaserad CO2 är det idealiska kylmediet istället för diesel i kyltransporter. Flytande CO2 är tyst och reducerar inte bara utsläppen där människor vistas utan också växthusgaserna. Den utvinns tillsammans med biogasen, tas om hand och säljs på några av våra stationer nere i Europa, men det kommer hit också.

Frequently asked questions

Liquid CO2 is the ideal replacement for diesel-powered cooling in a truck. Liquid CO2 is silent and improves air quality. In the future, OrangeGas will extract CO2 from its own biogas plants. Our CO2 filling station is located in Amsterdam.

At the moment, liquid CO2 is supplied by the firm, Thermoking. Thermoking recovers it from waste flows in the Netherlands. OrangeGas is working on extracting CO2 from its own biogas plants. 

Trucks with CryoTech cooling systems. Supermarket chains are currently the largest buyers.

Filling with liquid CO2 reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates. Carbon emissions are 90% lower, and there is very little noise. This makes the truck quieter, so suitable for loading and unloading outside the hours fixed by many municipalities in the Netherlands for the purpose. Liquid CO2 is also more resistant to temperature changes, meaning fewer rejected loads.

Liquid CO2 costs around €0.16/kg. A CyroTech system has a 330-litre tank.

The OrangeGas liquid CO2 installation is located in Amsterdam. OrangeGas intends to expand this infrastructure. There are currently seven liquid CO2 filling stations in the Netherlands. See the following overview for their exact locations:

You need a tag to fill up with liquid CO2. This is supplied free with the CryoTech system.

Liquid CO2 is suitable for all trucks with cooling or freezing systems. A CryoTech installation will be required.

Filling up with liquid CO2 is easy Simply connect the nozzle to the filling point on the truck and press start. Then you wait until a signal indicates that the system is full. You can then disconnect the nozzle.

This depends to a large extent on whether you use the system for cooling or freezing, how often the doors of your trailer are opened, the outside temperature, and the size of your trailer.